Portrait Commissions are an important part of my studio practice as I am a storyteller at heart. Celebrating someone’s story by way of a personal sculpture is both fun and gratifying. I enjoy sharing the process with my clients, from deciding on pose, adding special details and getting just the right facial portrayal to create a lasting legacy piece.

From one pet on a couch to an entire 3 generations of a family, anything is possible. Over the past 30 years my portrait work has found its way in private collections across continents including Canada, USA, the United Kingdom and Japan.

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Creativity is intelligence having fun! (Albert Einstein)

I have been a sculptor for over 40 years and have never felt the need to cast into metal. 

My ideas come in rapid succession and I like working on one-of-a-kind works that will allow me to move onto my next subject. Because of my use of colour, and positive outlook, my sculptural work takes on a more light-hearted sensibility.

Whether I am creating the Queen on a dime-store horse, Justin and Pierre in a canoe, or a private portrait commission of a family, my goal is to celebrate my subjects and create a lasting legacy. 

 Over the last 10 years, I have also added Functional Work to my practice. Creating useable ware creates a fun access point for some collectors.

I use hand-building methods with additions of texture and colour to make each piece unique. In many ways, I approach each piece like a small sculpture, recently adding actual sculptural elements to teapots and mugs. Functional work as usable art! 

Classes & Workshops​

Elaine has over 35 years of experience teaching clay work. She has worked as an artist in residence in school districts, art centres and guilds throughout British Columbia working with all ages, from grades K-12 and adults in post-secondary.  


Join her for Clay in the Time of Covid. All workshops will follow social distancing guidelines to keep everyone safe – and sane! Classes will be half-size, with a maximum of 4 students per class.

Elaine is always creating. Her inspiration comes from everywhere, from walks with the dog, from listening to the CBC, from waking up in the middle of the night with a new idea that just can’t wait until morning!

Curiosity about people, nature, movement, colour and shape fuels her creations in clay.

New pieces can be found through this website and also through her faller representation.

Pictured above, Elaine and British Columbia Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry with her portrait sculpture.

This began as a Covid challenge for me! As the lockdown ensued, and I needed to pivot to more sales online, I create a series of small wall pieces that are lightweight and easy to ship. They range in size from 3 to 9” tall and 3 to 10“ wide.

These relief pieces were all themed to be joyful and fun, to bring a smile and start a conversation. The originals were cast to make moulds so I might make limited editions of each. Each one still appears unique because of a wide variety of color choices. I love 3/D on the wall – walls are not meant for just squares! 

Elaine’s work is represented by galleries in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario:

Vancouver, BC: Rendezvous Gallery, Circlecraft Gallery. Victoria: West End Gallery. Canmore, Alberta: Falling Leaf Gallery. Edmonton, Alberta: West End Gallery. London, Ontario: Jonathan Bancroft-Snell.

But you can shop online from the comfort of your home – right now. 

Choose from functional works, like mugs and pitchers, or WallWorks sculptures.

Great unique gifts for any occasion.

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