Elaine Brewer-White Ceramics


Over the last 10 years, Elaine has added functional work to her practice.
This work is created with hand-building methods, and texture and colors, each piece is created unique.  
In many ways, she approaches each piece as a small sculpture, that just happens to be usable.


Elaine has worked as a ceramic sculptor for almost 40 years (remarkably, she looks like she must have started when she was 5!) 🙂 From public installations to gallery shows, corporate collections to private commissions, outdoor murals to intimate portraits, Elaine’s passion is telling stories in clay.
Her pieces are lighthearted but hold an undercurrent of love and joyful abandon. Humour and colour are the cornerstones of Elaine’s approach to her work, and her outlook on life – Carpe Diem – Seize the Day! 


Elaine has over 35 years of experience teaching clay work. She has worked as an artist in residence in school districts, art centres and guilds throughout British Columbia working with all ages, from grades K-12 and adults in post-secondary. 

Join her for
Clay in the Time of Covid. All workshops will follow social distancing guidelines to keep everyone safe – and sane! Classes will be half-size, with a maximum of 4 students per class.


Sculptural: Equinimity Series

Sculptural: Wall Work


Portrait commissions a unique way to celebrate an achievement, a family or that one special pet. Elaine captures the heart of a moment with detail and compassion to create a work of art that tells a story. Her goal is to honour her subjects and bring a smile to everyone who views each work.

Portrait commissions can be initiated in person or online. Once the project is defined, Elaine asks her clients to send photos and background information. The more she knows about her subject, the better the story she can tell.

Elaine and Calgary Mayor, Nenshi at the Calgary Stampede with his commission piece
Elaine and Calgary Mayor, Nenshi at the Calgary Stampede with his commission piece

About Elaine

As a graduate of The Emily Carr College of Art and Design in 1986, Elaine Brewer-White has spent over 30 years creating in clay. 

From public gallery installations to commercial gallery shows, portrait commissions to outdoor murals, large platters to flower vases, she continues her romance with this versatile medium.

Her morning mantra – Carpe diem – and – gratitude for all that comes her way.

David Suzuki and Elaine Brewer-White